Mosquito Killer Lamp

The mosquito killing rate reaches 90%, which can greatly reduce the number of mosquitoes around 300 square feet

Product Description

  • Turn off the lights first, there must be no interference from other light. And close the windows to avoid direct blowing of strong winds and keep the indoor airflow in a static state. Place the automatic mosquito absorber about 0.8 meters away from the wall, so that the airflow generated by the body circulates indoors. The mosquitoes are attracted by the airflow of the special air channel and the light wave of the trapping insects. Entered the machine and air-dried to death.

  • One hour before going to sleep is the best time to kill mosquitoes, and the time to kill mosquitoes is not less than one hour. Human odor is much more attractive to mosquitoes than others, so when someone is present, it will directly affect the mosquito control effect. If there are still a few mosquitoes left before falling asleep, after turning off the light, let the automatic mosquito absorber continue to work until dawn, and you can sleep safely.


  • Color:White/Black
  • Voltage:220V~50Hz
  • Weight:0.9kg
  • Size:122mm x 122mm x 176mm