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Are you looking for a quarantine hotel in Hong Kong? HyperAir helps you research the list of Hong Kong quarantine hotels for the latest cycle of the Designated Quarantine Hotel (DQH) Scheme and sort out the Hong Kong quarantine hotel packages with available rooms and better offers. We make it easy for everyone to search and book. HyperAir updates the quarantine hotel packages with available rooms every day, allowing everyone to book rooms easily and quickly, and enjoy the best offer for the quarantine reservation, staying comfortable and secure.
The government has announced to shorten the compulsory quarantine at hotels from August 12. Overseas visitors to Hong Kong need to undergo 3-day hotel quarantine. They can leave if the PCR test is negative on the morning of the 3rd day. After the hotel quarantine period, they will undergo a 4-day Home Quarantine. Hong Kong residents who have completed two vaccinations must present a 48-hour valid negative test as well as the booking of a minimum of 3 nights proof of designated quarantine hotel before onboarding from other places. The following are the list of hotels for quarantine in HK, including three meals a day, and can be booked instantly online.

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