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7/14/21-night Hotel Prices & Instant Booking (Latest Update)

HyperAir gathers Hong Kong's government-designated quarantine hotels with health protection for returning people to Hong Kong, making it easy for everyone to search and book. HyperAir updates the 21-night quarantine hotel with available rooms for booking every day, allowing everyone to book rooms easily and quickly, and enjoy the best price for the reservation, staying comfortable and secure.
The government has strengthened mandatory quarantine requirements for people arriving in Hong Kong. All arriving people who have stayed outside of China on the day of arrival in Hong Kong or 21 days before must be quarantined at designated quarantine hotels for 7 / 14 / 21 days. The followings are government-designated quarantine hotels, including three meals a day, and can be booked immediately online.
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Last Update:2021-12-07
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