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The long-awaited Ocean Park Water Park will officially open tickets for Ocean Park Water Park on September 21, 2021. The water park has five themed areas and a total of 27 indoor and outdoor playing facilities. Among them, the "Eight-Colored Ladder" is a wonderful high-speed experience. It is one of the most exciting attractions in the water park of Ocean Park. The "Eight-Colored Ladder" is located in the theme area "Jumping Watershed". Like other play facilities in the area, it makes people's adrenaline soar. Eight 17-meter-high rainbow-colored waterslides will lead explorers on an exciting and fast journey. The journey begins in a dark tunnel, you will experience a rapid fall, and then speed through a series of sharp turns, until the open tunnel in the middle section will see the light again, and the magnificent view of the Aberdeen Strait will immediately be visible. What's more exciting is that the explorer will swoop down with a racing pad, and slide down at full speed. There is a timer at the end of the slide to let you and your friends compete and cross the finish line quickly. After the comparison, don't forget to take photos and short videos at this water park landmark to share with friends on social media.

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