Hong Kong 365-day ABC Mobile 4G SIM Card with Calls 120GB

Access ultra-high usage and high-speed internet in Hong Kong with 4G SIM card. Just plug and use. Order now to enjoy FREE delivery and get ready your trip smarter!



  • High usage internet in Hong Kong 
  • IDD call to Mainland China or overseas
  • Just plug and use without any registration and settings
  • Top up plans to extend the usage are available
  • Support social media apps


  • Carrier: CSL
  • Internet Speed: 4G
  • Validity Period: 365 days once activated
  • Data Limit: 120GB, free extra $30 credit 
  • Tethering: Yes
  • Calls: Yes
  • Texts: Yes (Free 2000 minutes will be given once activate the SIM card)
  • Card Size: Nano, Micro, and Standard SIM (3 in 1)
  • Signal Coverage: Hong Kong
  • Expiry: Activate before 2023.12.30


1. Insert SIM Card after arrival(Need Real-name Registration)
2. Connect mobile data
3. Automatically connect to CSL and set APN.
4. Most smartphones can automatically set APN. If it cannot set APN automatically, please refer to the manual in the package for setup.
5. After running out of data, you can either add value and restart the same data plan for $388 or turn on other data plans.
6. Turn on "csl Wi-Fi": After inserting the card, dial *111# on the mobile phone to obtain the password of the csl Wi-Fi service


  • Hong Kong Local Delivery: By Hong Kong Post Local Mail (FREE), the estimated delivery will be within 2-5 working days. By SF Express (courier fee payable on delivery), the estimated delivery will be within 1-3 working days.
  • Please activate the SIM Card before expiry.
  • SIM card will be activated once you insert the card into your mobile device and counted as the starting date of use. It's counted as one day whenever the card is activated before 23:59 HKT.
  • The SIM card will choose CSL network automatically. Please do not choose other network providers, which may incur extra cost or malfunction for the card.
  • The quality of signal is affected by different environments. The speed of the network will be affected by server speed, terrain, climate, building obscuration, devices, concurrent usage by number of people and other factors
  • Service subject to "Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy"