US, Canada, Mexico 30-day 3HK 4G SIM Card with Calls

Access high-speed internet in United States, Mexico and Canada with a 4G/3G SIM card. Just plug and use without any registration. Order now to enjoy FREE delivery and get ready for your trip smarter!

Best Price Guarantee


  • 4G/3G unlimited data usage in United States, Mexico and Canada 
  • 350 minutes call time
  • Supports all social apps
  • The Sim card has been registered and can be used immediately after inserting the card (please enable [Data Roaming] function)

Product Specification

  • Carrier: 3HK 
  • Internet speed: 4G/3G
  • Validity period: 30 days (counted from the day of successful card activation (example: card activates on February 18, ends on March 17)
  • Data limit: The first 4GB of high-speed 4G data will be slowed down to 128kbps unlimited thereafter data 
  • Tethering: Yes
  • Calls: 350 minutes call time within the region of United States, Mexico and Canada; Extra free 50 minutes for calling the following regions from the US and Canada: Korea, Vietnam, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand
  • Texts: No
  • Card size: Nano, Micro, Standard SIM three-in-one
  • Signal coverage: United States, Mexico and Canada 
  • Expiry: 2024.12.31


  1. Insert SIM Card after arrival
  2. Turn on "Roaming", most mobile phones will automatically set the APN
  3. If you cannot access the Internet successfully, please first check the access point of your mobile phone and whether data roaming is enabled
  4. If you still cannot access the Internet successfully, please refer to the instructions in the package

Tip: For iOS users, please check whether other profiles have been installed in the mobile phone settings. If so, please delete the card to use this card. If it is not deleted, it will only display 3G and cannot connect to the Internet.

Important Notice

  • Hong Kong Local Delivery: By Hong Kong Post Local Mail (FREE), the estimated delivery will be within 2-5 working days. By SF Express (courier fee payable on delivery), the estimated delivery will be within 1-3 working days.
  • Please activate the SIM Card before expiry.
  • SIM card will be activated once you insert the card into your mobile device and counted as the starting date of use. It's counted as one day whenever the card is activated before  00:00 local time.
  • The card will automatically select the network. If there is no service, please do not arbitrarily select other network providers, which may incur extra cost or malfunction for the card.
  • The speed of the network may vary depending on the location, surrounding environment, time of use and the influence of the device. If you are in an area beyond the 4G coverage, the network will provide services on the 3G network.

Cancellation Policy

No cancellations, refunds or changes can be made after purchase.